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Our dedicated team relentlessly strives to present you with nothing less than the finest tea, ensuring a cup of perfection in every sip

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Tea Smallholder Factories PLC is a subsidiary of John Keells Holdings PLC and is managed by John Keells Teas Private Limited. Tea Smallholder Factories PLC (TSFL) operates five tea factories, strategically positioned in Galle, and Ginigathhena. Our core focus involves skillfully processing green leaves procured from dedicated tea smallholders and green leaf collectors. Our passion resonates through the sale of meticulously crafted black tea Elevate your tea experience with the essence of Pure Ceylon Tea, as we infuse meticulous quality, purity and tradition into our tea.

Our Vision

To be Sri Lanka’s leading leaf processing company, acting as the pillar of the industry, upholding quality standards and contributing to the socio-economic growth of the nation


Since 1991, we’ve been crafting a tea tradition that resonates with every sip


Our teas are more than just a beverage, they encapsulate our Sri Lankan culture, values, traditions, and the warmth of hospitality


We celebrate our cherished tea family – a diverse tapestry of tea pluckers, smallholders, employees, and our esteemed clients


Our pursuit of excellence leads us to source the finest tea leaves, treating them with the utmost care and expertise


Our skilled tea pluckers gather fresh leaves daily, selectively picking two soft leaves with a bud. Committed to the delivery of high quality tea, they deliver top-quality leaves to our factories. Tea Smallholders contribute fresh leaves 2-3 times daily, ensuring the production of the finest Ceylon Tea.


Following leaf collection from dedicated tea smallholders, we meticulously weigh and spread them for natural withering. This process releases air and eliminates moisture, lending a distinctive rubbery texture to the leaves. This meticulous step contributes to the creation of quality tea, highlighting the essence of Ceylon Tea craftsmanship.


Once withering is complete, we meticulously process the Ceylon Tea leaves, breaking down cell walls for air interaction. Through gentle shaking and deliberate crushing, the leaves undergo controlled oxidization, a crucial step in crafting premium quality tea that echoes the essence of Sri Lankan Tea tradition.


Within this process, oxidation unfolds, merging polyphenols with oxygen to yield oxidized counterparts. This reaction births Theaflavin and Thearubigins, infusing color and mouthfeel into our Ceylon Tea. This intricate transformation contributes to the nuanced excellence of Sri Lankan quality tea, capturing the heart of the tea-making tradition.


Vital for moisture removal, this step subjects the leaf to high-temperature driers, halting enzyme activity. The process prevents prolonged fermentation, triggering essential chemical reactions. This meticulous drying preserves the nuanced essence of Ceylon Tea, encapsulating the hallmark of Sri Lankan Tea craftsmanship and quality tea.


This process employs machinery to sort tea particles into diverse shapes and sizes, ultimately defining distinct tea grades. By meticulously categorizing these variations, we uphold the standards of Ceylon Tea excellence, epitomizing the essence of quality tea and the craftsmanship of Sri Lankan Tea.


Our seasoned tea experts meticulously assess both quality and the liqueur’s color, ensuring the finest standards of Ceylon Tea excellence. This step underscores our commitment to crafting superior quality tea, a hallmark of Sri Lankan Tea tradition and dedication to tea aficionados.


The story behind our five factories

Our mission is to transform your tea journey, offering the ultimate cup of Ceylon Tea. From plucking to distribution, we prioritise high-quality leaf processing, crafting an unparalleled experience with each sip of Sri Lankan Tea.

Delve into the labyrinth of wellness that tea unveils, with its intricately woven tapestry of positive effects on the body. From fortifying the immune system to promoting relaxation, each sip is a journey towards vitality. Embark on the path of daily rejuvenation with a comforting cup of Ceylon tea, as it becomes your trusted companion in nurturing holistic well-being.