Our Factories

Carefully sourced, our offerings include premium Ceylon Tea, processed and quality checked within our own factories

Crafting delectable Ceylon tea is an art.

Neluwa Medagama Tea Factory

Located in Galle, Neluwa Medagama Tea Factory is a dedication to yielding exceptional Ceylon Tea. Specializing in low-grown orthodox tea, the factory produces 883,000kg of tea annually with 1,413 registered green leaf suppliers. 

Halwitigala Tea Factory

Halwitigala Tea Factory yields 888,000 kg of Ceylon Tea annually. With 956 registered green leaf suppliers, we specialise in producing quality tea, focusing on low-grown orthodox tea. Embracing the heritage of Sri Lankan Tea, we embody excellence in every cup.

Hingalgoda Tea Factory

Situated in Galle, our Hingalgoda Tea Factory yields      1,075,000kg of Ceylon Tea annually. With 892 registered green-leaf suppliers, we excel in low-grown orthodox Tea. In 2019, Hingalgoda Tea Factory, epitomising quality tea, was crowned the best CTC (Crush Tear and Curl) producer by the Tea Exporters Association of Sri Lanka.

Kurupanawa Tea Factory

Based in Galle, our Kurupanawa Tea Factory yields 888,000 kg of Ceylon Tea annually, working with 925 registered green-leaf suppliers. Specialising in low-grown orthodox Tea, we exemplify the commitment to quality tea, embracing and elevating the legacy of Sri Lankan Tea with every yield.

Broadlands Tea Factory

Located in Ginigathena, our Broadlands Tea Factory annually prepares 952,000 kg of Ceylon Tea. Collaborating with 3100 registered green-leaf suppliers, we specialise in the art of producing quality low-grown orthodox Tea. Our commitment to quality tea reflects the richness of Sri Lanka’s immense tea heritage.